A Holiday Feast of Blogs

Why do people feel compelled to write blogs?  Everyone has ideas that swim around in their heads and matters that compel them to ruminate.  The web has provided us with a public platform to share those thoughts.  Some people, like me, blog about whatever comes into their minds.  Other people have a niche, an interest that sparks their passion, a specialty that they feel compelled to share with the world.  I want to take this opportunity to share some of my friends’ blogs with my audience.  After I tell you a little about my friends, I’ll tell you how best to support our creative efforts.

Gizelle Alexander works as a bookseller for Barnes & Noble by day.  However, she is moonlighting as a Writing Consultant at Naugatuck Valley Community College and as a Life Coach.  To catch her words of inspiration, visit this blog:  Top Five Ways to Become a Happier, More Effective Being Within 24 Hours

When Jasmine Gonzalez introduced herself to me, she said, “I’m very New Agey.”  Jasmine is another moonlighter, working as a healthcare recruiter by day and running a business called Divinus Gratia in her off hours.  Divinus Gratia offers Reiki, tarot readings and all other things inspirational.  You can check out the Divinus Gratia blog at this link:  Top Five Lessons I Learned This Year

Lyn Hernandez is another bookseller.  She’s an ex-military single mom who’s not afraid to wear a tiara to work.  You’ll find her thoughts at her “Once Upon A…” blog by following this link:  My Top Five 2011.  It’s not a traditional Top Five, but it’s very heartfelt.

My dear husband Mr. Lee has also written a Top Five blog.  However, it had to be broken up into three parts because he is so passionate about his subject.  My husband fell in love with children’s and young adult literature at Confratute, a conference for teachers of the gifted and talented held at UConn each summer.  Check out his “Great Books With Mr. Lee” blog:  Top Five Listy Goodness.  Part One lists his favorite book of the year.  Parts Two and Three will be out in a few days.

My friend Kara Rogers is a lot like a modern Martha Stewart, without the prison record and the ability to make everyone feel uncomfortable.  Kara is always working at something, whether it’s whipping up a culinary delight in the kitchen or creating a new outfit with her sewing machine.  Check out “Sew Hip Mama” and Kara’s top five cookies for the holidays at this link:  My Top Five…

Joy Sims is an accountant living in New York City who has discovered her writing chops over the past couple of years.  She blogs about the single life in NYC and more at EnJOYing Life, Love and Adventures in NYC.  Her top five is about her best and worst dates of 2011.  Check it out at Top 5 (and worst 5) Dates of 2011… thus far.

So how do you support your blogging friends?  When you’re really busy, taking the time to click on a blog link may seem like just another item on a to-do list that is already too long.  However, your friends put themselves and their ideas out there to share them with other people.  When you take the time to read and to leave a comment on a friend’s blog, you communicate your support.  You provide a friend with an injection of kindness.  You say, “I heard you.”  That’s all that a blogger wants, really, is to be heard.  Well, that and they probably want donuts, too.  But I digress.

Make the time to support your friends’ efforts.  Recognize the courage that it takes for them to put themselves out there.  And stop watching videos of dancing cats on YouTube!  Read a blog instead.

2 thoughts on “A Holiday Feast of Blogs

  1. You truly are one fantastic woman. Thank you Jackie. You gave me my urge to research, and write again. I know I didn’t post what I was going to, but it was meant to be this way.

  2. Thank you for this idea. I have encouraged a few other people to do something similar. When we attempt to go out into the big big big Internet all alone we get crickets. This was an awesome and generous blog. Thanks!

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