So Long, Pizza Man

When it comes to the news, I willfully choose ignorance.  I started dialing back my interest in the news when George W. Bush was president.  I didn’t want to hear any more about Iraq or Afghanistan, and the mere sound of his nasally Texas accent gave me ulcers.  Having kids also made me choose to ignore the news.  News about people who do terrible things to children or news about children dying in accidents is always disturbing.  However, the disturbance factor increases exponentially when you have children of your own.

These days, I get my news from David.  He obsessively watches Rachel Maddow, so my news bent is definitely left-wing.  I don’t read many articles.  I don’t listen to news on NPR or watch television.  Instead, I listen to David rant and rage about Republicans.  From him, I learn that a man who thought he was Jesus fired shots at the White House a couple of weeks ago.  I wonder why all of the faux Jesuses are always so violent.

At any rate, the president of the United States cannot afford to be willfully ignorant.  That’s why I cannot understand Americans who actually considered voting for Herman Cain.  Set aside the sexual harassment and affair charges—and those are large things to set aside—for just a moment.  This man knew absolutely nothing about foreign policy.  He said that he didn’t understand how foreign policy “creates jobs.”  Well, Mr. Cain, this is how.  President Obama went on a trip to the Far East to promote American exports.  More exports mean more manufacturing, and more manufacturing makes more jobs.  That’s how it works.  And I’m not running for president.

And did you even hear this man try to discuss NATO involvement in Libya?  He had no clue what America’s role was in that country.  And his take on the Middle East?  “When they ask who is the president of Ubeki-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan, I’m going to say, ‘You know, I don’t know. Do you know?’”  First of all, I’ve never heard of Ubeki-beki-beki-stan-stan. And second, how can you not consider it important to know the president of the country that hosts several air bases that support Operation Enduring Freedom?  You know, that operation we’ve been running in Afghanistan and Pakistan?  The one for which thousands of Americans have given their lives?

When Americans were asked why they supported Herman Cain, they tended to say, “He’s the candidate who’s the most like me.”  Wow.  Since when was that a good basis for choosing a president?  When I look at myself, I think I’d prefer that the president not be like me.  I’d prefer a president who watches the news.  I’d prefer a president with more self-discipline than me.  I’d prefer a president who didn’t have my temper.  In general, I think that the president should be the best and brightest person this country has to offer.

Is Herman Cain really like us?  If he is, then that’s a sad commentary on America today.  I appreciate Mr. Cain’s rise from poverty to penthouse (lower case penthouse, people.  Lower case).  I admire him for becoming CEO of Godfather’s and the National Restaurant Association.  However, I don’t admire his willful ignorance about foreign policy.  Do me a favor, former Herman Cain voters.  Vote for someone who’s not “just like you.”  Vote for the best person that this country has to offer.

That person should know at least a little something about Uzbekistan.

2 thoughts on “So Long, Pizza Man

  1. Brian says:

    There are legitimate concerns that some will flip and we’ll be buying the stuff supporting manufacturing jobs in those countries, but more importantly it’s another point that Republicants strongly supported Bush on but acted like it was the plague when Obama championed it.

  2. David Lee says:

    There are scores of reasons that the demise of the Pizza Man is a good thing- questionable morals, pandering to racists, having to have the word “Libya” explained to him, etc., etc. So with this clown gone, Republicans are now left with choosing between two men who either are completely baffled when having to interact with humans who aren’t millionaires (Mitt) or who openly hate and dismiss anyone who isn’t a millionaire (Newt).

    Someday it would be nice to have a general election with two viable candidates, even if I disagree strongly with one of them. This time around we’ll get a perfectly viable incumbent and one variation or another one someone truly terrifying and repugnant. Yay, us.

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